Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

To all who read this..............I hope you had a wonderful Merry Christmas and a will have a very prosperous and happy 2009. You ALL deserve it.

Time to "Create"

Over the long Christmas Holiday, I was able to get in some time to get creative. I bought some wood letters and decorated them with background and texture paper. It was very easy and fun. I have some paper that is similar to the "Shabby Chic" look and decided this would be perfect. I've hung these letters in my craft room on the wall to inspire me to be creative.

Take a look at the picture I've attached and tell me what you think. The picture shows up pretty small on the post, but if you click on it, it fills the screen and you are able to get a better look at the letters.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow, Snow and more Snow

Hey all. It's been snowing here. Not as much as where my mom and sister are in Arizona, but enough for me. I've been away from snow now for about 14+ years. The dogs love the snow. I can't seem to keep them out of it. There like two little boys, constantly pestering me to go play in the snow. Bear with is short little legs and long fur, he comes back in with hair just covered with snow. I'm getting used to driving in it. What a joy that is. I definitely need to get some sand bags or something to put in the back of my van to help weight it down for traction. I've attached some pics so you can see the house with its Christmas lights and the snow plus some of the dogs playing in it.