Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Found Embellishment

I came across these the other day through my daughter.  She bought a cute little brown leather jacket from Forever 21.  When she showed it to me I noticed the tag hanging from it was attached with a really cool safety pin.  I instantly started thinking how I could use this on a card.  It doesn't have the usual curl as on a normal safety pin we are so use to seeing and using.  Well after doing some research on it, I found they are called "Pear shaped," "Gourd shaped" or "Round bottom" safety pins.  I found several places to get them but not in large amounts unless you want to order them from overseas and that required you order 10's of thousands.  I DEFINITELY don't need that that many.  However, I did find some fairly good prices on eBay though.

My original thought for these is that they would be perfect to hang a tag on a card or some cute little beads or something.  I personally am very excited about trying these.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Calendar Creation

I've been working on a calendar project for awhile now.  I can't say it was my idea.  I stole it from another crafter I know.  I saw hers and immediately knew I had to make one for myself.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun putting this together.  I did one for each month to try and represent the holiday or event for that month.   It's in a regular 12x12 frame with the plastic calendar sheet on top, then the background paper, then the magnetic sheet, then I put the glass on the back to add stability to the frame.  Each month I change the paper and decorations and fix the numbers for the correct month.  I'm also going to make some birthday and anniversary markers for everyone in my family and friends.  Maybe this way I will be better at making sure everyone gets there cards each month.

JANUARY - I decided to do snow for this month

FEBRUARY - Valentines of course

MARCH - St. Patricks

APRIL - Easter

MAY - I decided to make it as May flowers

JUNE - I did this one as a party month

JULY - Independence Day - 4th of July

AUGUST - This one was a tough one - I decided to do it as Carnival


OCTOBER - Halloween of course

NOVEMBER - Thanksgiving

DECEMBER - Christmas

Monday, January 9, 2012

"Big Project" or should I say..... "HUGE Project"

You know when you think a new organization project is a good idea?  Then you get started and realize, WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?!?  Well, that's me at the moment.  Yeah !!!!  I figured making an inventory of all my stamps was something I needed to do.  This way it would be easier to see what I have vs pulling out all the containers of stamps I have.

So, I bought two photo albums that hold 4x6 photos.  I cut card stock to that size.  Stamped each image from that set.  Labeled it using the same color of pen as the folder for the stamp set.   This way when I have an idea for a card, I can simply flip through the photo album and know exactly where to find the set of stamps I need.

Well, what an undertaking!!!  It took a week to stamp one container full.  It's going to take me WEEKS to finish, but it will be SO GREAT when I'm done.

My inventory photo book

All the stamps that need to be done.  I know........... A LOT !!!!!